Holiday Nightlife

December 21st, 2009 by troy

Sunday night insanity occurred. First off, I somehow had 50+ people out the Sunday before Christmas after a blizzard, which is pretty good. Then the guys DJ Pauly D and Mike the Situation were at 1Oak having a blast. Mike the Situation kept taking bottles of champagne, pouring, popping and spraying it on everyone in the crowd…and on all over every girl I’d introduce him to. I really need to get on my reality TV show who’s who game because I never would have never noticed these guys were if it weren’t for the New Jersey girls that came out with me. A lot of people’s jackets were stolen, always a pity and proof of an out-of-control night. Some Knicks cheerleader dancers were out. It’s funny how the room at 1Oak on Sunday ALWAYS starts off dead and people think it’s going to be a bad night. Then it always ends up being the best Sunday party no matter what anyone says. The entire staff of Juliet came across to 1Oak. I love Juliet too and hope to work there soon, but for now, Sunday’s at Oak is popping.

1Oak is going to be open on Christmas Eve. Tenjune will be closed on Christmas day (sadly) and so I may do Juliet or head to party of a great up and coming model here in NYC named Luke Magill (the cream of the crop). Will keep you guys posted. Another big male model that I know is Ty Kinty but he is mainly based in London. Jay Z’s bouncer/body guard was actually at 1Oak my friend @clarencelmcmill said. You can follow him on Twitter for some good entertainment updates, as well as other NYC blogger/entertainers like Micah Jesse and Jared Eng. Good people to know in the business and they are all on twitter. And follow me as well for all the most up to date information at

This coming Tuesday (tomorrow) Talib Kweli is booked for Kiss and Fly.

Friday night at The Gates was a sexy crowd. Ice T and Coco were there chilling. Coco is actually not that tall, but amazingly gorgeous. I just saw Ice T and her leaving together. Coco went to the bathroom a few times. I snagged this gorgeous photo of the gates.

Other sightings:

December 16th P Diddy was at Pink Elephant

December 16th Alicia Keys had an event at Greenhouse and Busta R was also there

December 17th Jersey Shore cast member DJ Pauly D was at Tenjune then 1Oak (they seem to be out all the time now…)

On Wednesday I spoke to a Kiss and Fly staff member and found out that they’re planning to renovate the venue in January, so it will be closed for a few weeks. SO sad. I have to relocate my Wednesdays now. Maybe Juliet? What do you guys think? Good move?

Again: NYE. Get on it, get discounts, don’t wait for the last minute rip-offs.

Side note: If you are upgrading your cell phone or thinking about changing cell phone carriers, my friend can get you a great deal through any of the major carries. Email her at

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Nightlife Round Up

December 16th, 2009 by troy

Confusion! So I thought Wednesday at Kiss and Fly was the album release party for Robin Thicke, but now I am hearing that it was yesterday at Butter. Also expected at Butter last night was Leighton Meester and Estelle. A pretty sick line up, but I was at Stanton Social before pre-gaming with friends.

Sunday night at 1Oak was also excellent . I snagged a photo with Larenze Tate a very cool, laid back actor. He was in a bunch of movies I used to watch when I was like 15. I haven’t seen him on the screen since, but he was such a down to earth guy. Talib Kweli was at 1Oak DJ-ing. He did an amazing job. Good Sunday party guys! Watch out. Even owner Richie Akiva came to rock out at his own club on a night when it’s run by a different promotional team. I was so happy to see him there. He came to my table, inspected the crowd and I got the opportunity to introduce myself.
Also at 1Oak last night was a famous French actor. Think he was in Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve – that French thief who does acrobatics through the laser fields. His name is Vincent Cassel and he’s here shooting a movie (I asked him, he said no photos sadly). He will be in NYC for a few more weeks so I hope to see him at SL again as I did on Friday. After annoying him enough and being in his presence AGAIN, he may let me snag a shot with him.

I went to pick up my check at Tenjune today and we couldn’t go inside. We had to meet at a diner on the corner because Gossip Girls was being filmed inside the club. Know you girls love that show.

I have been hearing tweets about Provocateur being open tonight? Grand Opening, anyone? Shout outs to David Cohen, THE MAN!!!

Miami is going to be so sick with Lady Gaga performing poolside at the Fontainebleau hotel. I can’t wait! Anyone who wants tickets check my website

And anyone who wants tickets for New Years Eve here in NYC check

Dec 22 is Mary J Bilge album release party M2. You guys have to admit M2 has been on fire the past two months…celebrities galore! It’s just become that industry celebrity spot for big events.

Contact me ASAP for New Years Eve discounts.

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Birthday Recap, Celebrity Sightings

December 9th, 2009 by troy

Just recently found out that Tuesday the Timbaland album release party will be taking place at Hudson Terrace instead of Kiss and Fly. Sad. So Tonight at 10pm Hudson terrace.

Sunday at 1Oak for my birthday was so much fun. Rihanna was at the table next to me wearing her sunglasses and having a good time. Of course she had security governing the area. Everyone was enjoying the superduper amazing DJ Questlove, who I seriously think may be the best DJ I have ever heard in my life thus far. This could be because I was intoxicated and anything I heard I started danced my ass off, but whatever. Heard the Gossip Girls were also inside and that Amanda Bynes had to wait outside for 20 minutes. The door was truly mayhem, almost as much as it is during the week.

I have to admit the Sunday night party just keeps getting better and better. I consider it the best Sunday night party in the city and for me, this Sunday was one for the record books due to my memory of it being quite weak but the photos being very entertaining. Here’s a photo with Questlove’s emcee who kept giving me shout-outs for my birthday. They also arranged a birthday cake for me. It was a memorable night.

Monday night I did the party at Stanton Social from 11pm till 1:30am and then hit Butter afterwards. It was ram packed inside with a lot of tables sold. Cast members of TV show “The Office” were there. Owners Richie and Scott were also there hanging out. Usual 1Oak looking type crowd. Models? Italians? Random dudes that know the staff. Amazing time though, and good music. I just love the venue itself. It is the longest running party in NYC (Monday nights only though).

Monday at M2 there was an event for Terrell Owens (wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills). His birthday is the same as mine, and there was a sexy event there for him. A good friend of mine Jen said Nia Long (actress) was there as well as a swarm of football and basketball athletes.

-Dec 6th Gossip Girls at 1oak
-Dec 9th Quo hosted by Fabulous and performance by Ron Browz
-Dec 11th the official Snoop Dogg Malice in Wonderland album release at M2

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New Years Info, Celebrity Sightings & Events this Month

December 7th, 2009 by troy

Let’s start with my birthday. I turned 23 a few hours ago at the strike of 12am last night (Sunday) at 1Oak. I don’t drink, but was forced to tonight by all the dudes that have offered me alcohol in the past, which I always declined. I didn’t want to get “plastered” as you Americans say. I’ll report back on how that all went. The evening flier here.

OK, now the thing on everyone’s mind: NEW YEARS EVE

Promoters are making websites and selling tickets online. That’s just how it works. Companies like Joonbug buy out the clubs and set up websites for promoters to sell tickets under them. They own the venue for the night, so want to make as much money as possible from the bar, table and ticket sales. Here’s my site if you guys are checking out New Years Eve tickets or want more info: TROYNEWYEARS.COM

Dec 8th (Tuesday) is Timbaland’s supposed album release party at Kiss and Fly. This party is not new. They had Pdiddy’s birthday a few Tuesdays ago, then the owners thought things were getting too ghetto and shut that party down. Now they’re recruited some of the guys that were part of that old team to do it right (hopefully) this time. So this Tuesday should be off the chain. Go check it out and then come see me at Marquee.

Dec 15th (also a Tuesday) is Robin Thicke’s album release party at Kiss and Fly. This is information I received from the people who run the party on Tuesdays. Let’s see if it turns out to be accurate!

Other tidbits:

New club Provocatuer that David Cohen is involved with is having some events this week.

Dec 3rd I saw Mickey Rourke on the streets outside Gaslight looking for girls. He was going to SL (Simyone Lounge).

Dec 2nd Wale and Cassie were at 1Oak

NYE: Mariah Carey will be at M2

NYE FontaineBleau (don’t ever misspell it or they will chop your balls:) with Lady Gaga in Miami!

Friday Dec 11th Snoop Dogg “malice in wonderland” celebration with Funk Flex at M2.

Mon Dec 9th Clipse “till the casket drops” album release party w DJ Clue at PE

Wednesday, Perez Hilton was at Greenhouse. Quite interesting to see the popular blogger doing events at Greenhouse !?

Word on the street is that Bungalow8 might buy neighbor venue Naima to make B8 bigger. Not sure if that means they are doing well or no longer riding the exclusivity wave and really desperate.

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Everything You Need to Know Post-Thanksgiving Nightlife

December 1st, 2009 by troy

Horrible that I have not written to you guys, but life has been taking a turn on Troy in so many ways.

First, Friday I added a sexy and more upscale venue to my lineup: The Gates. Amazingly, I had 123 people there which is unbelievable..the doorman Frans said no one at The Gates has ever done such numbers. Yikes. Anyways, The Gates has marble walls and a cool staff. Some of the younger people in my crowd said it’s boring, but everyone else said they loved it. It has a 1Oak feeling but a little bit more mature of a crowd…if I can say that.

Now I have mainly been busy dealing with stuff for New Years. New Years Eve I will be in Miami at LIV and the hush hush talk is that Lady Gaga is going to be there. She has some concert down there in Miami and will be at LIV (a nightclub in Miami) after. It’s my first holiday in Miami so I for once intend to have some fun myself, and I’ll blog while I’m down there to keep you guys in the loop. The sad thing is that for some of you (who have already complained) the price of the LIV ticket is $375 already. But they have, Gaga? What can I say. Keep checking my to stay in the loop. You can buy New Years tickets at

So CV is the Old Rivington. I heard it’s sexy and even open on Sundays. Friend of mine @Britt4chichi212 tweeted about which nightclub will get the most tweet talk Sunday. We shall see who wins…I hope 1Oak since I will be there. But venues like Dark Room in LES are big too. Juliet is open Sundays now too.

I am hearing rumors Rachel Uchitel slept with Tiger Woods? What??? She used to work at Griffin and also Pink Elephant, but that’s crazy.

Jay Z and Beyonce were at 1Oak Friday night. They came in holding hands and left with bouncers all around them to separate them from the crowds (as they should be because they’re more supreme human beings than we all are). My friends from Trinidad couldn’t believe they were in HIZZOs presence.

Tay Diggs the actor was also at 1Oak Friday

Sunday at 1Oak was sick. Sadly, this foolish guy punched one of the bouncers in the face if you saw my tweets or my Basically, the dumbest thing to do in nightlife history besides spitting in the owner’s face. He got the stomp to the curb that he deserved. Excluding that debacle, Oak Sunday was sexy. The room wasn’t as filled due to the holidays, but same goes for Juliet. My friends said it was dead and a lot of the Juliet crowd came over to Oak to chill.

Monday was a bit hazy as I was drinking champagne and was jumping all over the place. Started at Marquee and the Phoenix Suns basketball players were there. An urban crowd of course. Was slower than usual due to holidays and then turned into a fun party with DJ Sinatra at the booth. Headed to Butter as I heard Lindsay Lohan was there. True enough, there she was with some dudes at the first table to the left enjoying herself simply dressed in a wife beater (as you Americans call it) smoking a cigg. I went to hang out at my friends table and that’s when the dancing started.

I got tipsy then headed to Avenue. LOVE that place. Got in and more champagne was handed out and MARCUS SCHENKENBERG (who was once the #1 male model worldwide, see title pic) was there hitting on the felines inside. He then was introduced to my Swedish queens and he loved them. We snagged this photo. He’s a hilarious dude and few for words. Point being I had a good time and love seeing celebs.

Don’t you?

So bbm, email or sms me when you see one and I’ll post it and give you a shout out - Amanda Hersh?

Coming up: Rihanna’s album release party is this Thursday at M2

Last Week Recap and a Visit to Juliet

November 24th, 2009 by troy

Sunday at 1Oak Kevin Connolly from the Entourage walked in alone in a suit. I asked him if he wanted to chill out at my table since I was one of the promoters and he is such a down to earth dude. He basically responded saying, thank you so much, but I’ll just chill at the bar. “I’m a bar person.” Sundays at 1Oak have become a normal 1Oak night. A lot of the people who go during the week are coming by to hang out and enjoy the party. More Hip Hop is being played and celebrities are showing up on their own (like Kevin Connolly). So it’s def a good look.

After 1Oak I took a turn to check out the Juliet party. We had trouble getting inside since the doormen were saying it was too late etc. Eventually, we got in. The room is sexy as Hell. I was once showed the room before months ago by David (he used to work Pink Elephant, but now he is putting together PROVOCATEUR). JULIET IS A SEXY ASS ROOM PEOPLE. You definitely need to check out the space. The ceilings are sort of like the walls of 1Oak right when you enter, letters intertwined upon letters.

Thursday last week was a night not to forget. Celebrity models were out. Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio was at 1Oak and my friend DJ Jacomo showed me a photo of her with him in the DJ booth. Also there, besides the long list of models, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Jay Z. Jayz is always there at 1Oak.

For Thanksgiving Eve I will be selling tickets for STK so contact me if you want any…and for New years Eve I may be in Miami and selling tickets for LIV. Lady Gaga will be there performing. (oops the cat is out the bag…so when you want tickets hit me up).

Saturday night Ryan Reynolds was at Griffin. Thursday, Robert the New Moon star was at Avenue for you lady lovers out there. Avenue is hot so get on it.

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Recap & Nightlife Tonight

November 19th, 2009 by troy

Monday night at Butter: Apple Taboo, Ammo Poet and Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas were there. Sadly, we didn’t hear of any Fergie. I was hosting Monday night at Marquee which is a celebrity night. The Monday party is good and a lot of celebrities have shown up. Three Mondays ago John Legend performed live and Rihanna was there. The Monday after it was the album release party for Wale, Serena Williams and model Selita Ebanks attended. And this Monday was athlete central with a late night pop from some of the Black Eyed Peas members who were at Butter earlier. I actually grabbed photos with Vince Young and also with the 2nd best defensive player in NBA history, Dikembe Motumba. It was Chris Baker’s birthday party who is a defensive lineman for the Denver Broncos. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo with him. But he seemed to have a blast.

Thursday night (tonight!) at M2 is the after party for the VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW. Sadly, it is a private event. So all you perverted guys out there that think you can get in by paying $30, think again. It’s strictly guestlist, so don’t waste your time.

I am selling tickets for Thanksgiving Eve at STK. A very sexy room so definitely let me know if you want tickets.

Ammo from the Black Eyed Peas was supposed to be DJing at SL Wednesday (it’s a maybe). But he for sure is DJing at Juliet tonight (Thursday).

My very good friend Nate Everson is selling all the best mixes you hear at nightclubs on his website . If you want you can call /text 646-226-9928 to contact him. Amazing. And anyone who needs help finding apartments definitely let me know as I have a few friends working in the real estate industry. Hope everyone’s going out tonight!

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Black Eyed Peas at 1Oak and Weekly Round-Up

November 16th, 2009 by troy

Sunday Amo and Apple from the Black Eyed Peas attended 1Oak. The night started slow. I was beginning to get worried about the Sunday party as the bouncers were always saying the party is the worst night of the week, but after last night it’s the beginning of the end of people talking like that. The venue was packed like a normal 1Oak night by 1 am. Everyone always comes late to 1Oak and solely 1Oak. 1Oak is notorious for getting good late night and it’s natural for it to be dead earlier in the night. So guys, don’t go early.

The DJ was playing Black Eyed Peas’ music and the table they were chilling at was going off the chain. I think they came with a female promoter named Madi because she came outside to get them and then were at her table. I thought Fergie and WILL I AM were there but I was wrong. It was just Amo and Apple. They left the venue with a large group of girls to go and do the groupie after party thing. Imagine they had a blast. Braylon Edwards (the Jets player) was there at 1Oak last night also. He left earlier in the night, I assume because they were not playing enough Hip Hop. Sadly, they don’t play all Hip Hop, they mix in trance.

Sundays Juliet has a party going now. Heard it wasn’t packed but wasn’t empty – just in between. But hey Sunday 1Oak party wasn’t ram packed the first night either, you know? Things take time.

For Thanksgiving Eve I am selling tickets for STK, so anyone interested let me know.

Last Saturday Samantha Ronson (Lindsay Lohan’s ex) was DJing at Quo. Did anyone see Lohan there?
Friday night I heard WILL I AM was at Pacha, but also supposedly at Hudson Terrace also. (They had to perform on SNL, so that’s why they are in town).

Last Thursday, Justin Timberlake’s artist he’s producing called Esmee performed. This was sad. The song is actually really good but it seemed a little inappropriate for the club environment. That night at Tenjune however, was crazy packed. Tenjune Thursdays may not be the models models anymore but it’s still packed with good energy and very good looking crowd (for you EMM haters).

Oh and the scoop on Wednesdays at La Pomme. It was so sexyyyyyyy of a crowd last Wednesday. 1Oak was dead as a result of a lot of the models going to La Pomme last Wednesday. I am friends with most of the 1Oak promoters. Ask them how last Wednesday was…Dead. Sad though that Wednesday party no longer exists 

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Black Eyed Peas Tonight and How Posting Videos can Get You Banned from Clubs

November 12th, 2009 by troy

A few things I forgot to mention in my last post. Last Friday, Real World Road Rules was at Johnny Utah’s and this upcoming Friday at Johnny Utah’s we will have a playboy playmate hosting the event. YEP it’s ON BOYS…

This coming Friday at Roam the woman who sings the song “ma lips like sugaaaa” will be there and yes, performing. That’s also ON!

Tuesday at Tenjune, Ed Westwick was having a blast and Leighton Meester actually performed some song. Random.

Monday and Tuesday I was two nights in a row at Marquee. It’s like my nightly intake keeps me healthy, you know?

Tuesday night isn’t that young of a crowd, more an older, chill group of people looking to have a good time and a get together with close friends. A lot of girls do not respond to my mass texts when I send it out for Marquee on Tuesdays, but it’s actually one of my favorite nights. The only people that end up coming are my close friends and we have a blast. Thank god I get paid a flat rate, right? If it was per head on Tuesday, I would be poor.

Wednesday Black Eyed Peas were at Kiss and Fly and Thursday (tonight) night rumor is they are going to Juliet.

A friend of mine was sadly banned from 1Oak for posting a video he took there of Arod and Derek J. So guys and gals, do not post this stuff to facebook and youtube unless you want to be banned. Just looking out for you, guys. Even I am at risk. Basically, 1Oak wants to protect their celebs, and they have every right. The same goes for Avenue. They dislike it when I write about them, even if it’s good news.

Now for the juicy info on La Pomme. Yesterday, Wednesday, Ron Browz came and performed a few songs. I was worried in the beginning since I was the first promoter there. However, Chris P and Chris S came through later and then to top it off Ellington/Jose/Isaiah came through with all the models. It was amazing. Not too packed with just enough space to move around, and the quality was definitely 1Oak quality. I highly advise you check it out because Wednesday night is apparently the model night.

Jeremiah and Ryan Leslie are also expected in the coming Wednesday parties. I will keep you all posted.

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Wale, Jude Law & Your Full Nightlife Round-Up

November 11th, 2009 by troy

Monday night at Marquee was sizzling hot with madness and celebrities. Ahmad and J Rosenblum are throwing huge events there. Last night was the official album release party for Wale (who sings that song ‘chillin’ with Lady GaGa). The celebs I saw:

Selita Ebanks (Victoria Secret Model)
Dwight Freeney (defensive Colts player)
Serena Williams (if you don’t know who she is, can’t help you:)
Barack Obama (haha just kidding, wish he was there though so I could get his autograph)
Mark Ronson (famous DJ)

The door was packed, the line long, and tons of beautiful women inside. Then celebs celebs celebs. I’m going to work on figuring out the names of American football and basketball players because it would make this all more interesting. I discovered Dwight Freeney, one of the best defensive football players in the NFL, was seated next to me at the end of the night. It was cool chit-chatting with him. When I asked him what he did, he had to tell me he played for the Colts. I had no idea!

I don’t want to elaborate too much on the number of bottles brought out by the waitresses that night but let’s just say there were a lot and they were large.


My goal is to try and do more celebrity events and find my niche promotion – ideally a mixture between a filler promoter and bringing out pretty girls. Any celebrity events you guys hear about, let me know.

Ron Brownz, the guy who sings “gimme 20$” and “pop champagne” and some other good rap songs, will be at La Pomme Wednesday. Come and let me know if you’re attending. Some other celebrity parties are in the works. Give me time. My goal’s to make it happen Monday through Wednesday celebrity parties and Thursday through Sunday some nice, higher-end venues.

Sunday night at 1Oak it was supposed to be the movie premiere after party for a film called “The Messenger.” Woody Harrelson was supposed to be in attendance, but I didn’t see him. There were billboards set up but the celebs were a no show. In the beginning, I was worried that this Sunday party would turn out to be a failure, but the crowd is slowly but surely getting better and better each time (I am making it sound like the crowd isn’t good but it really is, but just not up to the real 1Oak’s par as of yet. However, huge progress girls/guys told me). Had a blast!

Sunday Jude Law was at Tenjune, ladies. Now don’t you wish you didn’t stay in to cuddle with your boyfriend on the couch?! Hehe. I went to Tenjune late night to speak with a business associate, and the ceilings of Tenjune had white drapes and hanging chandeliers. It looked stupendous, but I don’t know how long they plan to keep the decorations for…

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