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Closed weighing coal belt deviation of solving technical measures                            Release time:2014-7-14 11:41:01                  Clicks:1148

A. movement on the drum belt use when "run do not run big small" feature, the head drum made of plastic surface herringbone gear bag plastic drum, rear drum-shaped drum made of thicker middle.
     B. manually adjust the relative position of the roller bearing group
     When the belt deviation, artificially changing the relative position of the roller bearing rear cylinder head, by roller belt driven lateral counterforce to move, so as to achieve the purpose of correction. Adjustment principle: If the belt deviation to the left, then left idler appropriate move toward the direction of the belt until the belt deviation disappears; contrary to adjust to the right.
     C. Install automatic correction roller

NJGC pressure weighing coal feeder
     Correction principle and manually adjust the rollers the same principle, the advantage that no manual adjustments.
     Manufacturing error (non-compliant product manufacturing, resulting belt deviation)
     A. conveyor frame errors
     Conveyor frame generally from left and right two stringers (channel) and beam welding together, if the welding process is unreasonable or lack of appropriate tooling, chassis deformation occurs after welding, namely two stringers asymmetry, not even two stringers parallel to the relative levels of highly inconsistent, to cause the rollers, idlers and other parts of the assembly after each other irregularities poor.
     B. Lord, peace drum roller follower installation error
     C. drum machining error
     Drum after processing, whole body concentricity error is large, that is one end of the thick, thin end of the belt on this roller sports, both sides suffered different traction, easy to fine diameter deviation side in the role of traction , that "run do not run small fire."

A:The accuracy of weighing the actual use of coal
The next section:Further improve the stability of weighing coal
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