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So that the boiler to the greatest degree of mud mixed with coal, while further improving the stability of the coal to the machine. I have with me in the stoker trainee chef Lvqing Feng came up on the short positions with slime method. The specific operation is as follows:
1 in each furnace to take a relatively ring true as One furnace stoker coal feeder # 1, # 5 II furnace stoker, warehouse space to make it. And then shipped directly from the fuel uninterrupted on a lot of pure slime.

2 the full proper proportion of the rest of the three in each furnace stoker coal bunker coal with partings, and the speed of the belt remains relatively low, with a small flow into the coal gangue. When short positions stoker coal off the belt speed can be adjusted in a timely manner in order to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.

Buried scraper coal feeder

Anticipated difficulties: the need for closer cooperation with the boiler fuel transportation workshop, timely adjustment of the belt speed according to the load when short positions caused by gravity under coal to the coal belt and roller damage. Increased fuel and transportation workshop belt running time.

The expected results: the blending ratio of slime improve by leaps and bounds, has made great economic benefits. While ensuring the stability of the equipment, so that reduces the risk of broken coal, safe and economic operation in favor of the system.

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