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Frequent weighing coal burned Solutions                            Release time:2014-7-14 11:42:47                  Clicks:1072

Recently frequently burned coal feeder, why ah? ? Our motor is 11KW, only a thermal relay, setting of 1.15 times the rated current, would also add any protection ah? ? ?

Coal burn various reasons, such as to the gear reducer between coal and dislocations, the motor idling reduction caused by a burn, so can add a long stream relay can be used in conjunction with a thermal relay.

For example, if a stoker frequency control? If the speed control is wrong, usually run frequently overheat? Easily lead to burnout, which can be adjusted by adjusting the drive to coal, then adjust the temperature of coal to run well and failure rate.

Electrical control system for coal 

Customers said the phenomenon resolved as follows: add a cooling fan, because the motor turn slowly, and then comes the fan does not work there, you thermal relay adjusted value is large, the general should be 1.05Ie heat. you can not protect the relay insulation caused by poor cooling effect is reduced if the inverter would be best to switch to a dedicated inverter motor (with external power supply cooling fan). In addition, the overload value should be considered part of the mechanical overload-based, maximum load current value according to the actual operation of tuning, which can effectively protect mechanical and electrical.

A:Further improve the stability of weighing coal
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